To print on a Harker campus, one must have a Harker user name and password that is permitted to print. Summer employees will be provided a shared Harker user name and password to be used for printing.

The actual printer name is needed before it can be added. The networked printer should be labeled with its name.  It will be something like: STG_M717_KM654e (campus-asset location-mfr and model number-color printer) .  Duplexers (double-sided printers) have an Eco-Friendly sticker with trees on it.

The Harker print servers are: stg_print (Saratoga), bld_print (Blackford), bkn_print (Bucknall) and unn_print (Union).  When adding a printer, the server name should match the campus where the printer resides.


Windows Instructions (Be sure you are connected to the internet.) 

1. Double click on the Windows Start icon usually located in the lower left hand corner.

2. Type \\ and the print server name in the search box.  (i.e. \\stg_print) Capital letters are not important in the server name but are important in a password.  Click on the print server and click on the enter key.

3. In the log in screen, type your Harker user name followed by This applies to students as well as employees.  The is needed instead of, or as the domain name is  All students and employees are members of the domain. An example: Remember, if you are a Summer employee, the name MUST be the shared Harker user name and password for printing.

4. Double click on the printer you want to add.  The networked printer should be labeled with its name but if you hover over a printer, a user friendly description will appear.  The driver will be added in the download process.  The printer will now be available in Devices and Printers and should be selected from any Print menu.