The Harker School utilizes the PaperCut print management system for all campus printing.   Users can print directly from the computer or from PaperCut’s web-based print service, called WebPrint.  Printing from the computer requires a little time upfront to set up the PaperCut program and the printers.  After the initial set up, the time to complete a print job is nominal.  Printing using the web-based print service requires no upfront set up, but will take a little longer to print each job than the direct set up method.

Printing directly from the computer

Four things are needed to print directly from the computer:  An active internet connection, an installed printer with the correct print driver, a Harker username/password and the PaperCut program must be installed and running.

The PaperCut program was installed on every Harker computer during the annual imaging/updating process.  For the Windows computers, it should automatically run.  A Mac computer must have it added to the user’s logon items so it will automatically run. 

A printer must be added to the computer before one can print.  Adding a printer need only be done once, as it will remain available on the computer. 

To find the printer name and correct driver, check the consolidated printer list for Bucknall, Blackford, Saratoga and Union campuses.  Or, check the printer itself, as each printer should be labeled with its name.  The printer naming convention should be campus_asset map location_printer mfr and model number.   As an example, if a Hewlett-Packard Laserjet 4200 were in room 21 on the Saratoga campus, it would be called:  STG_M021_HP4200   The classroom number is usually the same as the asset map location.  

There have been several printer moves during the summer.  As the printer name is based on its asset location, a move changes the printer name which requires that the old printer be deleted and the new printer added.

Once PaperCut is installed on your computer, you may be required to provide your Harker username and password on the intitial launch.  Be sure to check the box for it to remember your identity.  After that, PaperCut needs to be running, but should not require you to log in with every print job submitted.  Your PaperCut balance can be checked by clicking on the PaperCut icon.

Printing with the WebPrint Service

The Web Print service can print Excel, Word, PowerPoint, XPS, PDF documents and Picture files (BMP, DIB, JIF, JFIF, PNG, JPEG, JPG, TIF, TIFF, GIF).  Instructions for using the WebPrint service are the same for all operating systems.  To print, one must have an active internet connection and a Harker username and password.  If the document is not in one of the supported formats, the user must save the file as a PDF before logging onto the PaperCut WebPrint service.  After logging, the user identifies the printer and uploads the document to be printed.