The Lenovo Yoga that was left at the MS Help Desk cannot be repaired by Harker’s Tech department as it is owned you.

You will need the machine type and serial number of the laptop when submitting a repair request.  They can be found:

1.       On a tag on the bottom of the computer.  The tag will have the Type as well as the S/N.

2       If the tag cannot be read, tapping F1 as soon as the machine is turned on will enter the Setup Menu.  The Machine type model and System-unit serial number are listed on the Main page.

3       If there is no tag on the bottom or the laptop will not start, please email the MS Tech Help with your student’s name.  We will look up the information and email it to you.

A warranty claim can be submitted online at:


a.       You must register the first time you log in.

2.       Enter the Machine type (at least the first 4 characters) and the serial number. (Enter)

3.       Fill in the required information.

A shipping box should be mailed to the address that you have provided.  The box will include a return shipping label and packing supplies.