1.  You will receive an email granting access to Creative Cloud Enterprise (CCE) when your license has been activated.  Click on the Get Started button.

2,  Click on Sign In with an Enterprise ID.  It is very important that you DO NOT sign in with the Adobe ID as that is for an individual account.

Adobe CC Enterprise sign in

3.  Note the Enterprise ID at the top of the next screen.  Your Enterprise Adobe ID is your firstname.lastname@harker.org  The password is your Harker password.


You will probably be redirected to either the Microsoft Office account or the Creative Cloud Download Apps screen.

5.  If you are redirected to the Microsoft Office log in, your username is your Harker user name @Harker.org.  Adobe validates the CCE login with Microsoft Office.

6.  Click on the Download Apps under Creative Cloud.

There are at least 18 applications in Creative Cloud.  Scroll down the list, search or sort the apps by type to find the app you need.  Please note, Tutorials are available under the Learn tab.