Windows: Software Center and Hue Installation

To Get to the Student Software Center:

 1. Open a Web browser and go to:

2. Log in with your Harker user name and password.

3. Click No as you are not downloading LanSchool.

4. Click on your Operating System.

To Download and Install Hue:

1. Click on the Blue Hue icon.
            It will download a zip file called
                a. Save the file

2. Find the downloaded file
        a. Right-click the file and choose to extract all.

3. Open the folder called HueInstall. Note that there are 3 files in this folder as you will need to comeback to this folder to complete step 5.

4. Double click on ClicktoInstall.bat file

      You MAY get a Windows Protected your PC blue screen. 

          a. Click on More Info

            b. Click on Run Anyway
             Install the HUE program, answering with the default choices, accept the terms, but DO NOT run the program at the conclusion. Select Close.

5. After the HUE program is installed, the folder containing Hue Animation program will be opened.
         a. Drag the hueannimation-app.config file from the HueInstall folder (step 3) to the open space to the right of the HUE Animation Win32.exe file. It will display a message that it is copying the file to the HUE Animation v1.6.6 folder. It will show up under the HUE Animation Win32.exe file after it is copied.

6. Close this Window.

7. Delete the HueInstall Folder and the related zip file.
       You may now Open HUE animation and note where it will be creating your workspace.